Vancouver Periodontal Care

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Dr. Joslin

Certified Specialist in Periodontics, DMD, MSC, Dip. Perio

Dr. Joslin (DMD, MSC, Dip. Perio) is originally from Manitoba and completed dental school in 2005 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Following dental school, she undertook a dental internship at the Manitoba Health Sciences Centre where she treated patients with complex medical needs. After her internship, Dr. Joslin continued to work part-time at the Manitoba Health Sciences Centre, and also joined the dental team at Cancer Care Manitoba.

After four years as a general practitioner, Dr. Joslin began her specialty program in Periodontics at the University of British Columbia. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Periodontics, and continues to teach part-time as a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia.

After more than 8 years in Dentistry, Dr. Joslin developed GRAFT, a patient centered practice. The goal of every treatment, regardless of size, is to improve a person’s quality of life.

In order to do this, Dr. Joslin employs careful planning, communication, and treatment within her own team, and works closely with her referring dentists, dental specialists, and healthcare providers in the greater Vancouver area.

With advanced knowledge in the field of periodontics, Dr. Joslin is able to provide better health and function for her patients. Their improved appearance and confidence are further rewards in an interesting field.

Dr. Joslin lives and practices in downtown Vancouver. She is active in both the teaching and volunteering dental community of Vancouver and considers Vancouver to be her adoptive home.